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Hey there! I'm Thea Kable, a multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator working in the unceded lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. a.k.a Sydney, Australia I have a Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation, and a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication (First Class Honours), from the University of Technology, Sydney. ooh multiple degrees. fancy! I’m currently a PhD candidate at UTS, researching collaborative aspirational narratives for sustainable change in visual communication design.

I love to make comics and create editorial illustrations. Recently I've been experimenting with ways of storytelling, and I'm also a big fan of failed Utopias.

My design practice is focused on user-centred design, co-design workshops, and telling fun stories.

Awards ︎
Australian Graphic Design Association Student Print / Book / Magazine Design
Lessons from a Better Place - Merit

Australian Graphic Design Association Student Print / Miscellaneous
Lessons from a Better Place - Finalist

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CV and PDFs of projects available on request